Q: How is a pussy like a grapefruit?

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Q: Why are pussy pubic hairs curly? A: Cuntstubble. They are both bear butt naked. It's crucial that both partners in any relationship be satisfied to the best of each of their partners' abilities.

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Then a few minutes later a bigger sausage came looling by and the cat fell in. A: Her snatch. You don't just trip and fall into a vagina. Thanks, kisses! A "busy beaver" sounds like a derogatory term for a sexually promiscuous woman I use air quotations when I say the word "vagina" because I've never actually seen one.

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I'm not saying she's a slut, but if her vagina was a video game it would be rated E for Everyone. We're sexual creatures. If a vagina really did taste like chicken I'm guessing black dudes would probably be WAY more into eating it. Women are already self-conscious about enough things to have to also worry lidk their vaginas.

A: So that men will speak to them!

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Once its wet, it's time to go inside A man steps into an elevator with a woman. Which one of the tampons speaks to you first?

Can i lick yo pusssy still looking

Q: What does a nun and a gremlin have in common? A: They both feel good, but you wonder who has been there before you! Spanking him the whole way.

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Girl "I wear heels bigger than your dick! Getting that kind of necessary fire burning through intercourse alone can be problematic. Q: What if the Pilgrims had killed bobcats instead of turkeys?

Can i lick yo pusssy still looking

Moral Of The Story There was a cat by the lake and a sausage came floating by the cat put its paw in and wet its paw. Plain and simple. He says, can I smell your pussy? A guy who is worth your pooking will think that it's your pleasure that matters most.

Can i lick yo pusssy still looking

Cheating is not an accident. A: When you eat pussy, you can always see the arsehole in front of you!

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Toowoomba adult massage In all honesty, I'm not going to be with a man who isn't into giving me a one-way ticket to Pleasure Downtown. Fun or nah? What do you call the space between the twat and the shitter? Q: What do you call an Oscar winning film about a vagina? The little boy says to his mama: should I tell him lookjng do you want to?

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The moral of this story the bigger the sausage the wetter the pussy. It's the best Caj thing out there that is actually GOOD for you.

Can i lick yo pusssy still looking

Q: What do you get if you stuff your hand up a gypsy's cunt when she is on her period? The last thing I need is to be self-conscious about my vagina. A vagina is like the weather.

A: We'd be eating pussy every Thanksgiving. A dick has a sad life. It should make you feel good to make me feel good.

Sex is like Mcdonald's; I'm lovin it. When it comes to muff diving, you're really doing us both a favor. Farm One day on the farm, a little boy kicks a cow.

They go on there honey moon, and now their in bed. I've got 5 dollers" Her mom said "Where from? He says, hmm must be your feet then. The next day the boy kicks the pig. Girl: My favorite is 16 Boy: why?

Can i lick yo pusssy still looking

Never mind, you won't get it.