Register about-info How do Addson meet a cougar? I'm 24, live in the AA area and the thought of an older woman drives me absolutely bonkers! So help please, how do I meet one of these gorgeous creatures? Thank you!

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It would be my treat to take you to the show.

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We werent in a relationship- I was introduced to him in march of this year by a mutual friend who had a crush on him during Xxx woman search married and dating time and still does. Sex is my drug. For months his friend hit on me and still does For now? I dont know. Then I began letting friends set me up on dates with people they knew or was related too, and one guy i really liked but after talking for two months he found that this woman who was nearly 50yrs old and had 7 kids and lived in a roach house was more important that a young girl with good hygiene and no kids Im super outgoing, super friendly, and super kind.

Thats all my venting We went on three dates, out to dinner, cuddling, watching movies- by the third date we had sex.

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All my friends are either out of town or Dfw w4m, but I don't want to miss this opportunity. As soon as i start to feel something for someone, i get burned. So i havent had it in nearly two weeks now. Contact About Just Venting!

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My heart has been ripped to shreds by the only two people I ever actually did fall in love with- My high school sweetheart, who i dont even know if he even actually did love me So I decided id use him for the sex until I found someone I actually liked better or whatever So for days I was pissed not because I wanted him as my man or anything but because I wanted the sex and there went my fun time five nights a week granted he really couldnt do it that much because "i was wearing him out" but he would do for the time being.

Hes 41, im in my early 20s. I love the feelings it gives me- Im in a completely different world when doing it- nothing matters- my morals, values, dreams, wishes, desires, and the rest of world no longer exists And my minds been swarming with thoughts of sex.

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Friends said that meant he wanted more in time, and im lookiing "not me. What the heck was that supposed to mean Trust me I knew what i was doing, i mean-I knew if he and screwed around what the outcomes could be.

Because im like the most nicest person ever- I have a load of friends, i laugh all the time, i smile lookinh the time, I goof off all the time- i work all the time. Hes already experienced life, Im still learning. I just want the sex.

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He wanted me to Addidon him back but I refused, I told him I needed my time-that there was someone out there better than him for me. I'm 24, live in the AA area and the thought of an older woman drives me absolutely bonkers! Show is at 8pm tonight 16 at The New Parish. Which is crazy right?

If I just wanted to hug him when he got home uot work i was being "clingy and stupid B and needed to F off". During the time we spent together, he was pretty good to me, BUT was very verbally, emotionally, and mentally abusive. Then there was my second "sexual" experience.

Register about-info How do I meet a cougar? Sometimes this whole "dating to find someone" thing just gets so boring, repetitive and just plain depressing. Thank you! So help please, how do I meet one of these gorgeous creatures? I dont know, if someone was to actually ever fall in love with me, if id be able to do the same, anymore. So after about two weeks of screwing around I mentioned to him "I just wanna let you know that I think Other names for ice drug us as friends with benefits.

Finally when he moved out of his married friends house and got a place of his own, i finally agreed to go over there. Finally I left him, we stopped talking until a few months ago. I'm very very bitter.

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I keep trying to cry and tears wont come out. It was then i realized my addiction to sex- I've constantly thought about sex since I was like 11 years old- Ive always been curious, and after being with my first guy who by the way complained that it was all i wanted to do it made sense- when im getting banged it IS all i wanna do. Ive never had anyone in love with me.

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