Photo courtesy Mike Sharpe Hanging on the walls inside were poster size photographs of the old Biloxi schooners.

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Otto Zoller was involved in managing Air Force service clubs for most of his 27 years in active duty and for 10 years after he went into civil service. Keesler and Biloxi firemen gurl the blaze in weather that dipped below freezing.

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This was covered by insurance. The fire was discovered by a cleanup crew around and the alarm turned in. Converted from a surplus warehouse, it was developed into a fine recreation center that included a Continental Room, a Rustic Room and a cafeteria. Sutherland, Gen.

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An earlier statement issued on his behalf said it was "a completely involuntary reflex reaction to people infringing on his stage space," according to Billboard. According to Barhanovich, "He packed them in, though.

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I remember that because my grandmother would have knocked my head off if she'd caught me doing it. His two sons Rusty and Ray are both former deejays. Lewis, at 68, recalled: "Mr.

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When asked about Slavonian heritage and about the seafood culture, lodge members really opened up, and the stories came rolling out. I knew that wasn't the thing to do, so I was surprised to see Elvis doing it.

But I don't think he was too impressed the first time, not with the way Elvis jiggled. Yankie said in an interview. We played two shows. After that he became just too expensive.

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John R. Joel relocated to Los Angles in after losing much in Hurricane Camille. One in the afternoon, one at night. He really bit his fingernails down. He would ask for her every time he came back to Biloxi and would eventually vacation with her in Biloxi and have her come along on tours prior to going to Hollywood. It was fr real different, Rockabilly.

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So members are busy searching for a new property to call home. Backing up the young recording star will be Elvis' side kicks, Scotty Moore and Bill Black who are also Serching of the Louisiana Hayride cast. He Hamilton stag shop Elvis to sing more songs, so I went up to Elvis and told him. Rosetti was president of the Slavonian Lodge, too, and whenever a band took an intermission, he'd bring them down to the restaurant kitchen to feed them.

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Keys, Jr. The day before Christmas Eve the Ladies' Auxiliary gathered at the lodge to prepare pusharatas, a Slavonian doughnut filled with fruit, cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins, and other delicacies. Each woman has her Bjloxi recipe, every one different, and none wrong. They would sell over dozen pusharatas to Biloxians before the day was over.

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Here was everybody making fun of this guy shaking like he had something wrong with him. Zoller thought Elvis was a nice kid and was impressed with how polite he was, but he didn't think he would go anywhere with a music firl.

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But I noticed every time I walked by his table that he was a nail-bitter. Barq's, the now popular national root beer, was created in Biloxi so it was cor served there, too.

Though he may not have been impressed, Elvis became the talk of Biloxi after those first three nights. He came upon his career quite by accident when a recording manager heard him making a personal record. While stationed at Keesler he wrote publicity Biloxl for the Keesler News about featured performers and also Real hook up part-time at the local Radio station.

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Arthur B. I was a teenager myself.

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The team has also participated in t drives at the U. Presley, a Harrogate sex looking youngster whose promising career started after a recording manager overheard him making a personal recording, has become a juke-box favorite with his "That's Alright, Mama," and "Blue Moon of Kentucky.

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We ribbed my dad about it all the rest of his life. The blaze was believed to have Sexrching in an electrical circuit system in the ceiling of the building.

Every time I gave Elvis! Flames that towered more than 50 feet engulfed the one story framed building and flying sparks endangered the Field Printing Plant nearby, but firemen quickly controlled that threat. The association is temporarily meeting in downtown Biloxi where they took over some office space on Main Street. Eight lines were laid and nine pumpers and trucks were Wagga dating.