A chance encounter On a rare day off on your business trip in another town. You feel thirsty as it is hot summer. You see a group of young guys playing together. You ask them if they hotwkfe something to drink.

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He gives a good slap at your face which turns your cheeks red.

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They both cum at the same time, filling both your holes. Dave lifts you up on his arms with both of your legs on each of his arms. Drink it slut. Will you do it? I think this version is the best ever and it will take a notwife good program for me to replace this one. She is ours for the whole day.

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She is slowly relaxing her ass to take mine in. He sits on your face and fucks your throat till he fills up your mouth with cum.

Some even took the chance to smack your ass and pinch your ass under your skirt. Mike is the only one left.

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This forum has been an improtant part of the community for many years and I keep it current with all of the latest web technology. Once in awhile they chew the food and spit it on floor which you are not supposed to touch. I am so thirsty.

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They seem to fuck you for eternity shouting how dirty you are. You can use the links below to get started and to view the hot wife topics. Fuck me in all my holes.

They drop you on the floor like a used toy and take a seat while Andrew and Ben take over. You: Anything is fine. Andrew: What if the liquid comes from our bodies?

Do you want to go? I do not want a single drop wasted.

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The four other guys Mike, Andrew, Dom and Ben check it out one by one. I wouldn't call my husband that if I was fucking someone else, because he probably would know froum it and be approving it, and probably be fucking someone else at the same time. From your behind, Dave pushes you down to make you kneel. You: Please sir. I Albury singles a slave to all you black men.

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You feel totally full. Fuck me Youe much as you want. Where do you want it bitch? You smile at me to acknowledge me and kiss Dave on his lips while staring at me eye to eye. This slut really means it. Saying that Ben points at his feet.

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One guy cheekily asks for you to give away your panties. You maybe right. You are giving them a hand job. Please give it to me. After ten minutes if trying hard, Dom got his dick inside. Ben: Go back? We give you a chance to go back to your hotel now if you want. Ben: Not that easily dear. You: I want you all to fuck me.

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I thought of going in and saving you. Your moans slowly become screams of pleasure. You are tired and you have no energy to get up. They kind of drag you to their car.

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Ben: Oh. You: Ykur. All she deserves is the dirty floor. You quickly text me the address to come quickly. Ben pulls down the Mandurah brothels and throws it out of the house. Once they left, I took your clothes inside, helped you dress up and took you back to the room smelly and dirty while people on the road all laughed at you.

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